Discover a new way of doing life to achieve greater joy and fulfilment than you ever thought possible.


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Have you ever wondered…

  • If you could make life easier?
  • How you could achieve more balance?
  • If you could stop all the stress?
  • Whether you are in the right job?
  • Why your relationships aren’t working?
  • If you could be more fulfilled?
  • Whether your life is heading in the right direction?
  • If there is a way to inject more joy into your life?

If the answer to any of these questions is “yes”, then it's likely that a lifestyle pivot is required.

"Lifestyle Pivoting makes the seemingly impossible possible by taking you step by step on an inspiring journey to joyful living."


Unexpected adversity, changes in personal circumstances or the desire for new experiences may mean your current lifestyle no longer suits you.

All the turmoil in the world might be making you re-evaluate what’s important and presents the perfect opportunity to start doing life differently.

But it can be extremely challenging to figure out what kind of lifestyle you would like instead and how to achieve it.

Lifestyle Pivoting is designed to address this head on by providing you with a tried and tested method to get you on the path to “joyful living”.

Pivoting is fast becoming an essential skill to navigate your way through uncertain and challenging times.


First let's start with what it's not...

It's not about laughing all the time, or constantly feeling that buzz. It's not about religious practices. It's not about making lots of money or having lots of stuff.

Joyful living is a new way of doing life. 

It's about having purpose, fulfilment and a sense of joy in all aspects of your professional and personal life.

Getting to the crux of what makes you tick, what's really matters to you and using a simple Law of Nature aligning your external world with the vision of who you want to be. 

In a nutshell... it's about falling in love with your life!

The Lifestyle Pivoting Method


Lifestyle Pivoting follows the exact methodology I developed over a decade-long search for a happier lifestyle that radically helped me out of challenging times and onto to an exciting new future.

The method contains 3 key ingredients:

1. A holistic “joyful living” philosophy to set the guiding principles for change.

2. A five-step process to take you from where you are now to where you want to be.

3. Daily practices to empower you to think, feel and act differently from day 1.

Lifestyle Pivoting is infused with powerful strategies and techniques from some of the best life teachers on the planet all put together into a practical, highly interactive coaching program infused with the unique Gilly magic.

It’s practical, easy to learn and it really works!

"What you need is way of waving goodbye to what’s not working and pivoting your lifestyle to the joyful future you deserve. That’s exactly what Lifestyle Pivoting offers you."


The Lifestyle Pivoting App takes you step by step on an inspiring journey of self discovery and personal growth. By going within, you will fast track onto your joyful living path with ease.

You can expect three fantastic outcomes.

  • Freedom from relentless stress, exhaustion and whatever no longer brings joy.

  • A personalised blueprint of an inspiring new future.

  • The ability to start living that future NOW!


Lifestyle Pivoting in 30 Days

Signature coaching program guiding you step by step on your journey to joyful living.

Unlimited One to One Support

Book a call whenever you need to for expert advice along the way.

Available on any

Access the app on your laptop, tablet or phone to find your joy anywhere, anytime.

Joyful Living

Messages, chat and notifications for sharing and gentle accountability.


Record your achievements to keep track of progress and embed new habits.

New Content Every Month

Stay inspired as you continue your journey after the 30 day program.

Meet Gilly

An ex-corporate professional of more than 35 years, turned coach, Gilly knows a thing or two about making lifestyle changes.

Following decades of abuse, conflict, and anxiety-induced stress whilst holding down a successful career as a single mum, she decided enough was enough. In her mid-forties, she resolved to carve out a happier future.

It was to take 10 long years, but eventually she created herself a truly inspiring lifestyle full of purpose, fulfilment, balance and joy. She had discovered what she calls “joyful living” and has made it her mission to share what she learned with others.

Packaging up all the best bits from her own journey, Gilly created the Lifestyle Pivoting Methodology to help tired-out professionals find their way to a joy-filled future.

Following the amazing results achieved by her coaching clients, she was keen to make her method more accessible and affordable.

The Lifestyle Pivoting App was born!

Her work gets rave reviews being described as “totally inspiring”, “making the seemingly impossible possible” with “life-changing results”.

Gilly is honoured to have been recognized by Gaia International Alliance as a leader with exemplary compassion, ethics, and skill in the humanitarian field.

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“Gilly has created a methodology which took me on an extraordinary and brilliant journey. The material we covered was so well put together and delivered in a way that made me feel it was custom made just for me. Gilly's own story is compelling and I shall be forever grateful to her for helping me not only to live life better but how to get the absolute best out of life. I wholeheartedly recommend Lifestyle Pivoting to anyone who wants to take their life to a higher level of enjoyment and fulfilment. I feel like I have won the lottery, the lottery of life!”

Shona, ex IT Project Manager Financial Services

“Gilly is an amazing coach. Armed with her insightful ideas and easy-to-follow instructions, I’m ready to take action and create some life-changing results. She is a real blessing and her approach works wonders especially if you feel stuck in a rut. I highly recommend her to anyone who’s interested in living a happy, fulfilling life.”

Veronica, CEO Image Consultancy